Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®)

Tension and or Trauma Releasing exercises were developed to address the impacts of traumatic experiences and tension on the body. We now know that TRE® can benefit all people, and particularly address repetitive movement issues. Accidents, common stress, and tension are normal in everyday life. Often we do not understand how these experiences are patterns deeply etched or habituated in our minds and body.

TRE®,  is specifically designed to get rid of these deeply held patterns of physical tension and/or pain, and remind the body about it’s naturally balanced state. Innately, all of  body’s systems are working in harmony. Benefits of TRE® can be immediate and spontaneous, as the body releases pain or tension and  old traumatic events. The healing can occur on many different levels. Benefits can be physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. Stress reduction and lowered tension within the body allow for profound feelings of ease and relaxation. Many secondary benefits re listed below.

Reported Benefits Can Include:
• Decreased Worry & Anxiety
• Reduction of PTSD symptoms
• Increased Energy & Endurance
• Improved Interpersonal Relationships
• Decreased Workplace Stress
• Decreased Sleep Disorders
• Reduction of Interpersonal Conflicts
• Decreased Muscle & Joint Pain
• Increased Stamina & Flexibility
• More Emotional Resiliency
• Symptomology Reduction of Vicarious Trauma
• Resolution of Old (Repetitive) Injuries
• Decreased Anxiety during Serious Illnesses
• Chronic Medical Conditions Symptom Reduction

Anyone can benefit from TRE®

The tremoring mechanism is innately part of the musculature system. It is our natural behavior, that our society has shut down. This shaking of the muscles, in our society is seen as a weakness, and highly discouraged at a young age. Neurogenic tremors, naturally increase the resiliency of the body, causing deep relaxation. This reduces stress levels naturally. Emotional releases arise, ranging from severe symptom resolution, to mild stress relief. It does not matter what caused the stress. An accident, conflicts in relationships, emotional wounds, physical repetitive stressors or traumas from abuse. TRE® has been known to reduce pain, resolve decades of trauma, increase mobility, and aid in the healing of past injuries.

TRE® helps if you are in pain, or seek more relaxation techniques, a victim of violence or suffered accident, a soldier with PTSD, have repetitive injuries, or someone who desires to become more resilient and simply feel better. It’s quick, easily performed, and not particularly expensive. It is actually quite freeing and CAN BE FUN.

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