Seize the TIME: If you live in the northern hemisphere… (Video)


If you live in the northern hemisphere YOU MUST WATCH THIS 5 MIN VIDEO! You owe it to yourself, REALLY!

Please open your mind to real green drinks. You can purchase the cruciferous vegetables.

You might think what do green drinks have to do with self actualizing? You might think what does this have to do with anything I am interested in? Well it is no news that fresh vegetables are the best way to boost vitamins and anti-aging, anti-disease, anti-oxidants!

I understand, that we most likely live in different environments. Metropolitan, cosmopolitan areas are where most of you are located. If you do not live in an extremely cold environment, and enjoy a small porch, balcony, or even postage stamp yard, or even have extra room indoors with a sunny window, (ANY ENVIRONMENT,) I am going to suggest growing tree collards.

What defines extremely cold? Less than perhaps 10 frosty days in a row, where the temperature does not dip below 20 degrees Fahrenheit… Is approximately what I am discussing…

If I can get you to assist me, and like all my youtube videos and write in some simple comments using some of my key phrases, such as in the title, and you live in the US, I have a bribe. I will reward you with sending you a half dozen of my collard cuttings, by US mail. I hope this is legal, where you live. If you live in Fl or Az please first check with your Agricultural People. They are the only states that are cautious, similar to the California Agricultural Commission, I do believe.

If you live in other countries I apologize, I do not know agricultural shipping requirements. But if it is allowed, please send me a SASE…if you know it is legal.

YES I am so excited to get you all to open your minds to green goodness, as I have a very difficult time, each day, eating all of the vegetables that I know are healthy. This is a quick easy way to ingest raw greens in a pleasant manner! REALLY quick, delicious & EASY.

Love & Light

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AdminSeize the TIME: If you live in the northern hemisphere… (Video)

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