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Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch is based on the principles of resonance and entrainment. An example of resonance is fireflies alighting on a bush. At first, they spark randomly, out of synchronization with each other. After a short while, however, they all light in unison. We can also observe birds flying in flock formation and fish swimming in distinctive schools.

The patterns of these groups are not irregular or random, rather very ordered in distinctive repetitive patterns. For instance in an antique store, grandfather clocks that are started at different times on a wall will, within a few days, all have their pendulums swing in unison. These descriptions clearly demonstrate resonance and entrainment.

The sweeping and breathing method that Richard Gordon teaches can assist a person healing from ANYTHING.

Divora’s clients have reported wide and far-reaching successes with her Quantum Touch work. This amazing healing modality has been effective in dealing with musculoskeletal pains and movement restrictions; freeing people from limiting beliefs; and offering relief from headaches, fears and anxieties. Clients have eliminated serious sleep disorders. It appears as if one of her specialities is reducing or eliminating depressive and other mood disorders. However, some of her clients rave at radically decreasing the debilitating effects of cancer. Quantum Healing may be just right for you.

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