From my Heart to Yours (Video)

Today we are speaking about the green love of the heart chakra, the soul, our own magic enhancer. I did not even know that the Egyptians threw away the brains in the sarcophagi, the encasements for the mummies, and kept the heart. However, this makes sense to me.

I do research each week to make sure everything I state in my videos rings true. So just like you, I continue to update my self regularly.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be on this journey with you! By now you probably feel how much I live in my heart.

This is what fuels me. I feel so alive, connected, and in a state of immense joy, when I work with folks uplifting their lives. So keep it up your great work out there!

Truly, From my heart to yours! This is not a catchy title to get you to open an e-mail. It’s my life PATH.

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