Dr Oz states Energy Medicine is the Medicine of our Future (Video)

Since 2010 I have broken the bones in my right leg twice without getting formal treatment on it. The first time I x-rayed it 33 days later and yes, I broke the end of the fibula off.

NOT SAYING you should do this! However the orthopedic surgeon who saw me 39 days after my accident said, “Keep on doing whatever you are, you saved yourself an operation and a permanent screw.”

But really we do run to the doctor awfully fast. Many reach for pills, instead of doing the inner work. The medications will only mask the symptoms. I am NOT STATING stop any medications.

However I do love it when people find me to AVOID STARTING ANTIDEPRESSANTS! Way to go self actualizers!

Have you ever tried Theta Healing with a chakra & aura clearing ? Well I am making it as easy as it’s going to get. I will also include what people call the Shamans’ soul retrival.

You must abandon your story, we only have about 20 minutes. Just give me a list of what you need cleared, and what you would like assistance with… We can address mental, physical, emotional, and financial issues.

For a limited time only I am having a $47 special. So isn’t it time you booked a clearing with me? Get this while you can!

As usual, I remain your faithful guide sending love & light

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AdminDr Oz states Energy Medicine is the Medicine of our Future (Video)

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