Simply Neuro-Physiology, Temporarily Ditching woo woo (Video)

I just had several new clients who came to me as a psychotherapist, (it happens a lot.) After two sessions, we scheduled a third session. I mentioned TRE as they were suffering from trauma. I demonstrated tremoring on my mat, for a few seconds, and suggested they try TRE. 
Well within several days they both cancelled their upcoming sessions. Looking back on it, yes I did perceive that they looked at me with wonderment.
Oddly enough this is the only method other than biofeedback, that is not complimentary or alternative.
I wish to stress that it can be fun and enjoyable although it might not look like it. It’s our innate functional, physiological, stress reliever, that our societies have shut down. Do you ever shake your leg like a sewing machine when stressed out? That’s your innate and natural way of relieving stress.
I never closed down, so if my interview with Dr David Berceli is not on my YouTube channel, find it on the old telesummit, Yes its long, but well worth the 36 minutes.
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AdminSimply Neuro-Physiology, Temporarily Ditching woo woo (Video)

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