Recovering from a few slips, Literally…

No movie this week, I have been on another path. In a parking lot in another town, I did not see the plastic, wet, ice bag on the ground. Well I did that banana peel kind of slip, and sprained a foot and came down hard on the other knee. So I have been icing and elevating both legs.

My great weight reduction plans, with increased physical activity have been temporarily on hold. As I have gone from fairly active to full time couch potato, my weight has actually INCREASED. No I am not eating more, but my activity has plummeted. So my weight has increased and I am in some pain.

However, I not going to sink into a depressive mood due to this. I manage to hobble into my offices and my clients see the ice packs and do not mind. But my life does not look like how I imagined it. I went public sharing my actual weight, fully expecting to have some great news about weight reduction. While actually the opposite ensued.

No the timing was not lost on me. Nor the need to stave off embarrassment. So instead of feeling bad, I am sharing with you the process of acceptance. How can I hope to lead anyone if I do not seize this moment as another opportunity for self love?

So did I do some mindless activities? Yes, watching old movies that I had to take my focus off the pain. Was this break something I needed? Apparently so, even if I cannot clearly see the forest from the trees. All things happen for a reason. The truth of the matter, is that my weather has been very mild and incredibly beautiful. I am quite grateful to be hobbling about in such nice weather.

So at times our paths do not fit our plans. Whining and complaining not only irritates those around you, but calls in negative, lower vibrations. The attention goes to where the energy flows, simple Law of Attraction. I can applaud my attitude here. Instead of pondering, why, why, why did I fall, I am in greater acceptance than ever before. Now, it is this inner inside quieting I am cultivating. Fruits are rotting on the trees, our drought is still strong, and I see some of my prized ornamentals withering away, without my watering.

So now is my moment for really letting go. The fall season is really upon me, (PUN INTENDED.) I will keep you informed on my weight reduction process as well. To be quite honest, I was planning on really stepping up my activity level, to accomplish some rapid changes.

So the topic for a few weeks will be: How can we love ourselves more, JUST the way WE ARE? I am shifting, although I had not planned this new focus. Remember, only we can change our inner landscape. It is always an ideal time for self love.

Think of this: our souls decided to reincarnate as us. This perfect match of love and movement created our life. Let us not focus on where we missed the mark, how we could be doing better, what we have not accomplished. Just breathe in deeply into our abdomens, and focus on how we are improving. Let us set the intention to clear, clean and open that third chakra. I am certain there many many areas, that you have been in an upward growth movement. Feel into those wins, see them, acknowledge them, celebrate them. Even if it is as little as not beating your self up after a fall. Or after gaining weight. You will be in good company with me.

Traditionally, alternative medicine sees ankle and knee issues as not being able to move forward in life fluidly. Yes this is a germane area of my own concern. When feeling weak I compare myself to others. So the universe is showing me my path. I thought I was going to start a weight topic, and be your excellent role model. However self love actually is the bigger issue with which weight reduction is only a slight slice of this important topic.

Here’s to a huge inward breath, as I switch gears, and find more cerebral and quieter ways to go about self improvement. My normal ways of doing things is more like Taurus the bull that I am. Attack it head on, get the firewood in, dig the garden or water line, LET’S MOVE! So here I am just formulating a new direction while writing to you, my tribe. What can I pull out of my knowledge base that is fresh news to you? Well I have time on my couch to ponder that.

I have also been experimenting with a new Chinese Healing Practice… More to come on that, as I never knew how much it did for me, until I am now, not getting outside to perform these simple exercises. One can do them indoors if one has the right space. I had just set myself up outdoors. So a deep breath and onwards, upwards towards self healing and self actualization.

As always love & light

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AdminRecovering from a few slips, Literally…

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