Even Healers are sometimes too close… (Video)

If you do not mind, I would love your prayers and blessings for my psychic dog Luke. I will try and reload his psychic video for you to again see. Oddly enough the video clip is fast forwarded. And during this Mercury Retrograde as I was working on another video for this week to gift to you, lightening struck, LITERALLY. My house went dark that evening, along with a 40 square mile radius until 4:44 AM. Needless to say I lost the video entirely and my Mac went dead, and is now misbehaving.

Here is some history: Luke was ABANDONED at age four. Then, in his mind, he was tortured (he was castrated, with plastic cone on his head to not rip out the stitches.)  Afterward he was locked in prison for 8 1/2 months. In reality it is called Mendocino Animal Shelter. The large aggressive species, regardless of temperament,  are caged in small cement bottomed cages with chain link on all sides. These cages are hosed out daily, with water splashing about, as the animals are not taken out to eliminate. The cement remains wet except for in the high heat of the summer. 

When I adopted Luke his underside was covered in fungus, he has very short hair he was trembling, he was dazed and frightened. I took him home he refused to exit my vehicle for several days, so I left the back open. I owned a Toyota SUV and Luke would only exit the vehicle for three minutes a day, to eat and eliminate and jumped back in the back of the vehicle for almost a week. OBVIOUSLY HIS ABANDONMENT ISSUES WERE INTENSE.

Luke overcompensates by sun bathing froggie style for the last five years here. A humorous way to label his cancer: he is roasting his weenie. We have been fighting his cancer for a year and a half now, and it’s getting quite severe with more lesions appearing daily. Although I tried to work on this initially myself, Luke has had three operations fairly recently. Luke continues to decline.

It’s like the shoemakers kids running around barefoot, Perhaps the mechanics wife’s car who’s breaking down… I do not stop working on Luke energetically each day, and am distressed. Perhaps it was another Energy Healer who blurted out to me “Luke just wants to die,” I do not know.

I do know my heart is very heavy. As I write this it is still Mercury Retrograde, perhaps my Mac will take my healing energy, perhaps Luke will turn around. My apologies if you are struggling with your own illness and people that you love and do not connect to pets.

However, I am asking for your assistance at this time. Perhaps you might like my you tube video this week to cheer on my heavy heart?

Thank you so much for allowing you to ask for your assistance.
As always my love, Divora

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AdminEven Healers are sometimes too close… (Video)

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