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EFT Therapy

The EFT Therapy reprograms a person’s entire energy system. This is a powerful self-help technique. I feel that a session involving a mental health expert and EFT can be as beneficial as 10-40 conventional psychotherapy sessions.

I can guide you to correctly tease out aspects, emotions, and correct resistance (termed ‘reversals’ in EFT), so that you obtain the full benefit from EFT Therapy. Due to my extensive study of alternative therapy modalities I have altered, and added to, the full basic formula. My clients are thrilled with the success they have achieved using my revised version of EFT.

My expanded version of EFT incorporates the use of the thymus, or heart center, and the crown chakra (energy center). This balances a person’s polarity by going inwards and activating the heart chakra. I have also added many Yin/Yang acupressure points. This not only balances ones male/female energy, but controls anxiety.

Some people choose to combine traditional therapy, perhaps Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Biofeedback, and EFT in one session. This can be accomplished and I will attempt to monitor your time if you wish to try all of these healing techniques. Remember I am here to serve your needs, and you are in the driver’s seat. We can use your session in any manner of your choosing. If you need to talk and ventilate for 45 minutes then perform a short EFT exercise at the end, this can be accommodated.

Some EFT successes have been resolving childhood molestation, depression, dysthymia, complicated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), hopelessness, extreme marital dysfunctions, lethargy, decreasing addictive behaviors of any type, eliminating/quieting auditory hallucinations, decreasing the stress of Tinnitus, optimal functioning, test/performance anxiety, self-esteem and weight loss, and increasing sleep.

I have even had success eliminating clients’ audio hallucinations with this powerful energy psychology modality. Something that most mental health experts will state is extremely hard to achieve.

So let us tackle those areas you previously thought were fixed, and perform what you thought was impossible!



Chakra Healing and Clearing

There are energy centers located in the body. To simplify this we will speak of the seven main chakras. Currently, scientists have been able to clearly demonstrate that the chakras emit stronger electric and magnetic fields than other areas of our bodies. There is much discussion how the chakras move, with many varying opinions. I am of the opinion that it actually moves in all directions, similar to a molecule. However, in the chakra healing that I do with people, we work with the notion that the chakra healing movement will be on a vertical axis, like a mini, slow tornado. The movement will go in a counter clockwise motion, from your right hand to your left hand, so that you might visualize this easily.

Most importantly, your imagination and intention are utilized in this clearing. This visualization involves a vertical, counterclockwise, movement, commonly referred to as a vortex. This upward motion is symbolic of the unraveling of negative beliefs, and the renewal of energy. As if we are turning back the clock in our lives. We are aligning with our planet earth’s counterclockwise rotation. It is very refreshing, renewing and FUN.

After this type of chakra healing people often report feeling lighter, happier, and full of love. Chakra healing often assists in long standing sleep disorders, and other stuck patterns of behavior. Some previous comments report that chakra healings, and chakra clearings can assist with any area of life functioning. It is rapid, and can be accomplished within a session. By supplying a list of desired outcomes, we will directly commence the chakra cleaning, clearing, opening, and releasing, what no longer serves you.

Chakra healings can address ANY of your concerns. I have had clients reports of success with sobriety, even with severe extremes of intravenous heroin and methamphetamine abuse. We have seen positive outcomes with alcohol or tobacco cessation, addictions to internet pornography, mental disorders, and the resolution of cancer. Please remember that complementary and alternative healing modalities are no substitute for your doctor. However, that being said, here in Mendocino Co. California, as a licensed psychotherapist, I do work closely with people and their doctors to lower their psychotropic medications.

Chakra Healings allow one to feel refreshed and revitalized. At times, some individuals do not feel anything except a sense of calm or well being. However, with consumption of a lot of water, and no recreational drugs or alcohol, the healing intensifies, for three days. Many clients rave about this entire process.

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